Welcome to my author site!

Here you will find weekly advice in the Tip of the Week section.  This space offers tidbits of golden insight and helpful information to make your life easier and more enjoyable.  You will also find weekly postings in the Love’s Challenge section of the site.  This section provides supportive understanding to the ‘Tip of the Week’ post and includes weekly challenges and easy-to-do activities, all in an effort to bring more love and peace into your everyday life.  Next, you can Sign Up to join the JS Spirit Community!  This way, you can stay informed on all of the latest posts and author happenings.

  But that’s not all this site has to offer!

 Get to know me by following my blog.  I invite you to journey along my path of writing my first book, opening a new life coaching practice, setting out to work with a major publisher, meeting new people, and becoming a published author.  All while trying to attend to my previous duties of being a mom to a teenage daughter, parent to four furry friends, wife to my teenage sweetheart, and maid-cook-laundry doer-problem solver-and nature lover.  By following this site, you will also get the first peek of my Human Condition book and mission!  Within this section, you will find book excerpts and exciting information of my work in progress! 

Come join the fun!  Relish in life’s natural wonders, learn a few things along the way, and travel with me as I navigate the twists and turns of what is sure to be a lively adventure.