Energy Speaks!


There is an invisible force that moves through this world, interacting with everything in its wake.  This force is known as energy. 

Energy is very much a lively part of our existence.  In fact, it is the thing that has given life to our Universe and everything within it.  We would not be alive without ENERGY!  That is just how important a thing this is.  

You may not realize it, but energy has a language of its own.  It speaks to us everyday, and within every interaction.  Energy’s voice is quiet, yet firm.  It speaks through our gut and goes right to our heart for understanding. 

Here are a couple of ways to know that energy is speaking to you…

1. You get a feeling in your gut about a person, place or situation.

2. Your body gives you a physical response (tense muscles, a stomach ache, etc.) to what or who is around you.     

So what does all of this mean?

Have you ever heard someone mention the ‘vibe’ of something?  Well, this is what is meant by the gut feeling you get when you interact with the world.  Sometimes our interactions leave us feeling happy, relaxed, excited, calm, refreshed, intrigued, loved, and so on.  These are all positive vibes, which mean the energy of those people, places, or situations are in line (or on a favorable frequency) to you.  These are signs from your environment through the language of energy that these things may be good for you.

   However, have you ever left a person, place, or situation and felt heavy, physically ill, tense, nervous, angry, sad, etc.  These are negative vibes, and this means there is a possible problem with that person, place, or situation.  Energetically speaking, this means the interaction of the energy fields between you and that person or situation is not in line or on the same frequency.  This doesn’t necessarily mean these things are ‘bad’ for you.  Sometimes these types of feelings can come when we don’t deal with problems within ourselves.  Sometimes they happen because of a conflict the other person or place is having.  Still, other times this can be a clear energetic warning to take a closer look at what is actually before you and to move forward with discernment and caution.  Discernment is when we look at all aspects of the person or situation before making any decisions.  Listen, we don’t need to be afraid of negative vibes.  We just need to be aware of them and pay attention to what is happening within and around us when they show up.  

The message here is that it is important to understand that Energy Speaks!  When we learn to listen to the language of energy, we are given another helpful tool to make decisions about our life.  We are also given better insight into how we can and do directly impact the entire world around us. 

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