Welcome to my humble author site.  I am on a quest for all truth’s concerning love and energy.  Although I have some personal beliefs on the origin of these things, my work and website are dedicated to bringing to you, my fabulous reader, the knowledge I have gained through research, life experience, and personal missteps and triumphs.  I believe in the unwavering power, grace, beauty, and existence of love.  Within every piece of me, I believe LOVE is the solution to everything we seek.  However, love does not exist without a way to move about.  There is a force that fuels, supports, and extends love within our Universe.  This is where my journey into the realm of science, and more specifically – physics, came to play.  This site relates to all things involving love, energy, and the uniting of them both.  All of which is provided with an underlying desire to make your life happier, healthier, and full of joy.  I hope you stick around to see where this love wave takes us…

So who am I, you may wonder.  I am a writer, life coach, wife and mother.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology with a focus on children and family.  Since childhood, I have sought the answers to this world, the reasons for our existence, and looked for the pathways to unite humanity on ideas such as love, peace, kindness, and compassionate understanding.  As I have grown older, this internal nudging has only gotten louder, stronger, and become more urgent.  It has taken me some time to set my abstract mind upon the solid ground, yet this time has come.  This website, and my current work on a book and life coaching practice are all parts of this forward journey.  I am overjoyed and eager to share my YEARS of information with you. 

This site is a work of love.  It is my extension to you, the reader, in hopes that we can all learn a better, healthier, more balanced and sustainable way to live.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you visit again. 

Have a great day!    

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