Welcome to the Human Condition!

Welcome to the greatest adventure of all, the human experience. There will be ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, and love and obstacles.  Although we can’t always cherry pick the adventures life will bring us, we can learn how to guide and buffer our human vessel along the way.  As we gain a better understanding of how our body and the natural world works, we can start to take an active role in the life we are creating. 

Let’s face it; the greatest gift we can bring to this world is love. The best thing we can do as a human being is to learn how to lead a life where love can shine full and free.  I call this living a love-based awareness.  Fascinating results have been found within the world of science which lends reason to ideas such as love, the power of the mind, and the significance of energy.  Some implications from the scientific world even suggest that the natural state of being is one of cooperation and collective well-being.  Perhaps the intended path for us truly is one of love and happiness?  So what could be getting in the way?

There are factors of the human condition (which simply put means any aspect of being a human) that if left unchecked, leave room for us to turn against a path of love. Often times, we don’t even realize that this is happening.  Factors such as our childhood upbringing and influences, past experiences, or improperly learned life lessons create the perfect detour from the pathway of love and happiness.  Unfortunately, these factors can be deeply ingrained within us.  They also require proper knowledge about our human condition to bring forward positive, life-lasting change.  By coming to understand some of the core elements of being a human being, such as love, hate, and freewill, we can begin to make more beneficial choices for our life.  There are also unkind and negative factors to this world that often use the appearances of love to deter and shift us from a love-based way of living.  An important part of buffering these unwanted elements comes with having the tools and guidance to know how to handle them.  It is undoubtedly a challenge to overcome these factors, but that is what is required to master our human condition.  This pursuit requires strength, patience, and knowledge to succeed.  Luckily, I have the perfect source for knowledge to get you moving on your way to a happier, healthier, and more loving YOU.  Welcome to The Human Condition: Love, Hate, Freewill & the Force That Moves It All.

 This is the first book in what is intended to be a Human Condition series.  Some of my blog postings and all of the notes within The HC Project page are related to this first book.  Be sure to check my site frequently, as new postings are made weekly.  Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments below.

Sincerely – JS Spirit

Open for Business!

Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services is now Open for Business!

So, I am now fully recovered from the flu and still keeping my mental fingers crossed that my book proposal is faring well out in California.  However, those are not the only things that I’ve had going on.  I have wanted to counsel and help people since I was young.  I even went to college and earned my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology with a plan to go on to my Doctorate and open a private practice.   Then life got in the way.  I got married and became pregnant at the time that I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree.  Now family and motherhood was dominating my reality and taking center place.  Once I became a parent, I realized working in the psychology field with children and families would be really challenging for me.  I knew my personality well enough to understand that I would be bringing my work home emotionally, and I didn’t want my career to complicate things for my family.  So, I found another way to work with children in the years between staying home to raise my daughter.  This was a good course of action for me, and I have no regrets about the decisions I have made.  Now I am the mother of a VERY busy teenage daughter, and a wife to a husband with a demanding career. That’s when I started getting restless and began to think about my goals and needs.  That’s when the long forgotten plans of having a private practice in psychology came flowing back to me.

I discovered that it would cost me roughly $30,000 to obtain my Doctorate degree.  A financial investment that is not in line with my reality.  Plus, life experience had changed me.  Although I still find value in the theories and foundational concepts of clinical psychology, they are not values that I would bring to my client sessions.  The mention of life coaching had come before me, and about a year ago, I started to give this profession a second thought.  Life coaching holds similar elements to clinical counseling, although there are some very real and distinct differences (which are outlined within my business website).  However, the energy of the work I would be doing was essentially the same.  As I began to look into the logistics and requirements for opening a life coaching practice, I decided this was the professional route for me.  Well, just about one year from the day I started my life coaching certification class, I have launched my life coaching practice worldwide and officially opened for business.  This is a very proud and humbling time for me.  It is something I have worked really hard towards over the years, and invested a lot of energy in learning and fine-tuning.  I am incredibly eager to get to work, and thankful for this opportunity.

If you want to check out what my practice is all about and look at the services I offer, you can visit my business site at epcoachingservices.com, or click on the link at the right side of this site’s homepage. 


Somewhere in California!

While I was laid-up in bed recovering from the nasty flu last week, I received an email update about my book proposal.  Somewhere in a California office, there is an editor that either has, or will be reading my book proposal to determine if it makes the cut. 

Holy Cow!

This was exciting news to me.  For one, I at least knew the whereabouts of my beloved proposal.  For two, this meant I was still in the running! 

Now my prayers and happy thoughts really got going.  I am incredibly prayerful that the editor who reads my proposal sees the mission and potential within its pages.  I know that I have A LOT to be desired in a platform following.  I am aware that there is a lot of content within my book.  However, I also know the need for its messages.  I am acutely aware of the force this book and its mission can become.  And I know I am ready, willing, and able to make my plans happen.

So, you may be wondering what this proposal is all about.  Well, my book is about our human condition.  Within the pages of my book, I will take the reader on a journey through the true essences of love and hate with a life-changing stop at the powerful and ever-present element that is our freewill.  We will look at how freewill affects our various relationships and what role energy plays in our everyday life.  Then I will complete the book with some very practical, real-world tips and tools for living a love-based awareness and creating a happier life.  I am actually creating a section within this website to highlight specific book topics and happenings.  You can look for it in the menu bar under The HC Project section. 

Any finger-crossing or well-wishing is much appreciated in regards to my book proposal making it to the next stage of the process.  The official announcement date of the Hay House winners is February 28th.  I will keep you all posted as I journey along! 

Lessons from H3N2

Okay, so I want to start by apologizing for my lack of posts last week.  I was sick in bed with the flu, or H3N2, as I am calling it.  To all my readers out there, please take care of yourself this cold and flu season.  It has been 6 years since I was definably sick, ironically it was the flu last time that took me down.  However, this flu this season is especially difficult and hard to shake once you’ve come down with it.  This post is in light of some of the thoughts that ran through my mind as I was bed-bound.

1. Self-care is Non-Negotiable – This flu was a big reminder and huge wake up call as to how serious this statement is.  I generally considered myself pretty good about self-care, and felt that my long-running health was measure to that.  However, I did notice that the month prior to my coming down with the flu, I was not listening to my body like I should have.  I was goal oriented and deadline set on getting tasks done.  I kept putting off that de-stress activity for another date, and I allowed the stress of what could be to rule my mind far more than it ever should.  My body was trying to tell me with tense muscles and unusual headaches, but I kept chopping it up to outside influences.  All the while forgetting what I know all too well…outside influences can energetically become inside problems.  Well, H3N2 reminded me good and hard about that fact.  The bottom line, there is no substitute for great self-care.  This includes all areas of our human self – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  Thanks to learning from life’s lessons, I will continue throughout my 2018 year with a non-negotiable take on my personal self-care.

2.  Good Health is CRUCIAL to Happy Living – Because I am generally a very healthy person, I took for granted how important good health is to happy living.  It is very difficult to not feel good most of the day.  This type of living can reek havoc on your mind.  As a newly practicing life coach, I think this was especially important for me to learn.  Not every person is as blessed with vibrant health as I have been.  For various reasons, there are people who have to struggle with their health every day.  Thanks to the H3N2 virus, I will be much more aware of this reality and of all that I can do professionally to work with and encourage any individuals who may find themselves in this unfortunate fate.

3.  Goals are ONLY good when they suit you best – With a fast approaching launch date of January 31st for my Life Coaching practice, I was starting to feel incredibly stressed about being available as much as I could for all my potential clients. After all, I am opening this practice to help people, so I want to be as accommodating as possible.  However, this was slowly seeping into a people-pleasing mission.  That’s when internal stress arose and my career enjoyment level went down.  I was loosing sight of my actual goals.  The reality is that I am a VERY busy mom with a part-time job in transportation and motherly duties.  This is a solid reality, and one that my husband is unable to share.  For these reasons, my career pursuit is a part-time reality, for now.  Although I have an ambitious career pursuit, to become a published author with a major publishing company and a successful life coach, it is not impossible to accomplish.  The fact is that I knew this.  In fact, I have done my due diligence and created a business plan where both of these outlets can exist and thrive.  The trouble had come from letting the how’s and what if’s overrule the action and enjoyment of simply doing what I had set out to do. 

Thankfully, I am feeling better and I know that this too shall pass.  I appreciate the reminders I gained from the experience, but hope I do not need reminded of them again.  Going after your dreams is exciting and something I hope we all find ourselves doing.  However, it is unrealistic to think it will come without stress, worry, or personal demons.  After all, we are each only human.  I guess the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is a gentle awareness.  An awareness of what really matters, with an eye on where we really aim to go.  All the rest will eventually fade away. 

So I wait!

Okay, so I took a major first step on the night of December 19th in working to make my dreams and goals come true.  On that night, I submitted my forty-one page book proposal to a major publishing company in hopes that I win the top prize of their writing contest!

The reality is that writing has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 years old.  I remember making a little paper book at my aunts house.  It was done with gray construction paper and a black crayon.  I think I actually still have it.  Anyhow, at that time, my book was a fictional story about a haunted house.  I was so caught up in the idea of this eight page masterpiece being of great worth and value that I even glued my school photo to the back of it.  Well just as many of our childhood dreams do, the idea of being an author faded away and my focus turned to life, school, starting my family, etc.  Then, about eight years ago, the dream surfaced again.  So with the support of my daughter and husband, I bought a Toshiba laptop and set out to write a great fictional story.  The book was going to be about a woman who was in love with a leader of a rough and wild motorcycle club.  Although I can still feel the presence of the characters, my efforts gave way to life, work, and family.  However, something was different this time.  The idea of writing DID NOT go away.

Again, within the support of my daughter and husband, I quite my preschool job and started to get in touch with the nudging feeling that I had something to write about.  I knew it wasn’t my beloved motorcycle story, although I would enjoy reading it someday.  There was something else I had to write about.  As I started to tune into the energy that this feeling was bringing me, I found my footing for the path that has lead me here.  Mind you, this has been three and a half years in the making, but none-the-less, it has gotten me here. 

During these last three and half years, I have accumulated a small library of journal entries and research notes.  I have studied numerous science topics thoroughly, including the world of physics, and basked in the realizations that all of this work has revealed.  Throughout these years, I have also done some really grueling and difficult work on my internal struggles.  I needed to unload many of my heavy burdens, even though I wasn’t initially sure of the reason why.  As time marched on and the pieces to my life’s puzzle where coming into view and actually locking into place, I realized that I had to do all of this internal work so that I could fly when it was time for me to take my major leap.  And on December 19th, 2017…I did!

Welcome to my journey! 

Whatever the results are of this amazing contest (which are supposed to be released between January 24th and February 28th), I will fly.  Thanks to the good graces of Divine Timing, and a lot of really hard work…I WILL FLY!  For me, the idea of flying means never letting go of my hopes and dreams…no matter what obstacles or disappointments stand in my way.  Flying means finding freedom within the power of my work and choices.  It equals celebrating the opportunity for creating a future of my dreams, one that only change can bring.  To me, flying means living my life.  I no longer wish to exist within the framework of the world that was constructed around me.  I aim to fly amid a world of my own making; one of dedicated work, concentrated effort, love, light, and laughter.


Welcome, Come on In!

I am so excited to embark on this new leg of my journey with you.  This is a working launch of my new, updated author website.  There will be many new aspects to this work-in-progress, along with exciting new features as the weeks march ahead.  I ask for your patience and good humor as we ride this current of growth and exploration together. 

I have a ton of new knowledge to share with all of you, along with practical tips you can apply to your everyday life. 

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