Pay It Forward

There are many things we can all do right now to help our oceans. One of the major ways humans can help is by eating sustainable seafood. This provides a direct benefit to the gentle ecosystem of our oceans by making sure we are not depleting any one species.  The loss or decline of any species within an ecosystem always has rippling effects on the other lifeforms within that system. This is true for our ocean ecosystem, as well as those on land.

Remember, as buyers, we absolutely DO drive the practices within the market!

Let’s use our dollars to tell the fisheries that we want ethical fishing practices of sustainable fish and seafood ONLY. This includes supporting companies that ban bottom trawling, while boycotting those that do participate in this activity. This method of dragging a net across the ocean floor is wreaking havoc on the life forms in its wake, as well as destroying our already declining coral reefs.

Another important step we can all take is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Plastics create a huge burden to our oceans. Although it is hard for me to believe, our oceans are used as a daily dumping ground for our garbage. These foreign substances change the chemistry of the water and pose direct hazards to the life that live within our oceans. Just imagine for a moment the amount of waste humans produce, now picture even half of that being dropped in the depths of our seas.

It is equally important that we take personal responsibility of our waste.

We need to do as much as we individually can to reduce the excess of garbage that is so readily dumped into the beauty that is our oceans. Consider moving to glassware, where possible, to eliminate plastic waste. We can also rethink our purchases with the waste factor in mind. The picture featured in this article is an actual photo of a small amount of the enormous trash that fills our oceans and injures or kills marine life consistently.

There is no generation that has ever had the urgency to follow through and bring about immediate change as ours.  It is our duty to give a life sustaining planet to our children so they may have an opportunity to simply live, experience the joy of having a family of their own, and at least have the opportunity to grow old.

The time to act is now.

 Factual info provided by the Marine Conservation Institute.

To learn more about the amazing benefits our oceans provide to our planet and all of the life within, read the Golden Nugget article of this site.



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