Golden Nugget

An Ocean’s Cry!

It would be irresponsible to start the topic of the oceans off without first mentioning the absolute unparalleled beauty and sheer levels of wonder that the oceans bring into our existence.  There is nothing comparable to spending a carefree, sun kissed day with your feet in the sand and senses put to ease by the calm, nurturing and rhythmic sound of the ocean waves.  Amongst all of this beauty though, our oceans are playing a critical role in maintaining Earth’s climate and our delicate ecosystem. 

Did you know that…

 – the oceans are home to the largest ecosystem on Earth

  – our oceans generate 50% of all of the oxygen we breathe

 – our oceans also absorb carbon dioxide from the air

 – the oceans directly impact our climate, from the temperature of the air to the occurrence of what can become natural disasters 

 – our oceans also hold the most promising leads in providing the source (or base) materials for medications that will combat cancer, pain management and bacterial diseases

  As you can see, the health of our oceans directly affects the health of our species, all life on Earth and in the sea, as well as the climate of our one and only planet!  We have far too much knowledge these days of the negative effects human behavior is causing upon our seas and the life within it.  It is no longer acceptable to sit by and allow our oceans, and all of the life within, to suffer and dwindle away. 

The good news is that there is still time to help our oceans heal and rebuild themselves again.  There are many ways humans can make minor adjustments to nurture and protect our seas.  Please read the article in the Pay It Forward section to learn what you can do right now to help our beautiful oceans.  It is more important than ever for people, just like you and me, to do all we can by taking ownership over the role we play as a member of this amazing planet Earth.



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