Tip of the Week!

Perception of Change

Change is the only constant that we can rely on within this world.  It is the one thing that is a guarantee!  Part of living a happy life is to have a healthy perspective on the natural aspect of change.

The majority of people DO NOT like change.  People will go to incredible lengths to avoid the discomfort that the idea of change can bring.  In doing so, many of these same people either settle for less than they rightfully deserve, or they feel unfulfilled in the areas of love and happiness.  When we are consumed by a fear of change, we often develop negative behaviors that have a direct impact on our  everyday life.  Perhaps we are less in touch with the things that are happening around us, or we avoid trying something new because we don’t know how it will make us feel.  I believe this is something that happens to all of us, and it is nothing to feel ashamed about.  However, it IS something that is holding you back from fully embracing and enjoying the life that is yours!

How amazing would it be to go after the things you truly want?  In what ways would your daily life look different if you really immersed yourself into all of the details of the present moment?

That beautiful imagery is what living without a fear of change is like.  Sure there are moments of discomfort, but you know that they will absolutely pass.  It is hard to stay afraid when you are engulfed in all of the sensations of what is happening during the present moment.  If troubles arise, you know you have the ability to work through the issues.  In letting go of the fear of the unknown while being completely present in the moment that is before you, life is truly happening. 

And it is wonderful!



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