Love Heals!

Into the Unknown

Sometimes the idea of change feels just like walking off the top of a tall building and not being able to see how or where you may land.  If that is how you view change, then yes…it is scary.  However, this is not the true essence of change.

Change is a natural progression to life.  It is an essential part of our natural world, which also includes you and me.  When we talk about fearing change, we are really talking about having an unhealthy view or mindset about change.  Because people’s choices or unexpected life events can drastically alter the world as we know it, many people have come to fear change.  However, what we end up doing is living a life where we fear the idea of change. 

Changes often create positive and happy events in our life.  Sometimes changes are necessary and uncomfortable, but bring beneficial results to us in the long run.  Other times, change is just plain painful and it stirs up emotions of sadness, anger, or discomfort.  This is all just part of our human experience.  Change, and all of the bumps that come along with it, are a natural part of our human condition. 

Being a person who is well versed in spending a majority of my lifetime fearing the idea of change, I can tell you it was a MAJOR road block.  Yes, things sometimes happen to us that are beyond our control, and other people’s actions can cause a world of pain and sorrow.  But the essence of change has very little to do with that. 

Change is an opportunity! 

It is an opportunity to love, to live, to laugh, to learn, and to grow.  Change is the launching pad of all of your hopes and dreams. 

Take it from someone who knows, a gentle shift in your perception on change can make a world of difference in the quality and enjoyment of your life.  


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